• The Los Crestones Real Estate Investment Fund completed the comprehensive remodeling process in the property known as the old Yaohán, today La Sabana Commercial Development, and opened its doors on December 1 to the Encore Capital Group company, which houses more than 300 employees.

  • The investment in the project was more than $ 4.8 million and the remodeling process of a total area (building and complementary works) of 14,116 m² took 6 months, achieving a completely new image to the building that includes office and commercial areas.

  • The property is located in San José, La Merced second district, in a dynamic area due to its immediate surroundings with commercial, residential, and office projects and has a total leasable area of ​​7,878.02 m².

  • Among the attractions of the project, the achievement through a collective investment instrument such as the Los Crestones Real Estate Investment Fund, to contribute to the economic growth of the country with the development of a real estate project that renews the image of the area.

  • This property is also a clear example of the new architectural trends sought by international companies related to aspects such as flexibility, versatility, communication, technology, among others.